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Ramona Boucle Upholstered Accent Side Chair Taupe and Black

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In a harmonious marriage of materials, this chair presents bouclé's softness against the stark, bold lines of a dark wooden frame. The upholstery's tactile pleasure complements the frame's visual strength, offering a seat not just made for comfort but for admiration. Its unique shape—a modern take on classic forms—creates a striking silhouette that invites you to experience design as much as repose. The mix of media is a testament to the chair's thoughtful design, where every curve and corner is an intentional contrast, an invitation to touch, to rest, to enjoy.

* Bouclé upholstered seating for luxurious comfort and trendy appeal
* Dark wood frame providing a striking visual contrast
* Unique shape for a contemporary yet classic design statement
* Mixed media construction combines texture and form in one piece
* Ideal for modern interiors looking for a blend of comfort and standout design


Height 29
Width 25
Length 28.5