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Petra Boucle Upholstered Accent Side Chair Black

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Enveloped entirely in the embrace of plush bouclé, this chair redefines the art of relaxation with its all-fabric design. The seamless transition from the cushioned seat to the curved arms, all robed in the same soft fabric, creates a cocoon of comfort. This chair's silhouette is a gentle wave of tranquility, its form an ode to the curves found in nature. The uninterrupted bouclé upholstery invites a serene tactile experience, transforming the chair into a modern sanctuary. It's a haven of softness, a singular statement of elegance and ease.

* Fully upholstered in bouclé fabric for a cohesive, luxurious look
* Gentle curves provide a visually soothing silhouette
* Soft, textural experience from every angle
* Monochromatic design enhances modern and minimalist decors
* Offers a serene, tactile experience for ultimate relaxation


Height 29.5
Width 24.5
Length 26