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Brookmead Dresser Mirror Black

Vendor: Coaster
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Complete your dresser with a stylish framed mirror. A perfect complement, it features a wooden frame complete with a fluted panel on top that adds rich depth and dimension. The mirror features a black finish with wire brushing that creates textural flair. Its center glass is beveled, creating a sense of depth in your bedroom. Use the mirror to brighten your bedroom and create a place for choosing jewelry or making last touch-ups to your look.

* Stylish and modern, a contemporary framed mirror is the perfect finishing touch for your dresser
* Fluted textured panel highlights the top of the mirror's frame to add texture and depth
* Wire brushed black finish creates a stylish, subtle sense of texture and dimensionality
* Mirror features beveled glass that adds depth and a refined finishing touch
* Molded frame is simple and classic, offering wonderful dimensionality


Height 36
Width 1.5
Length 36